Oct 1st - Kitchen Notes Omni Nashville Hotel


One of the first things I noticed on arrival was how open the space was. How simple the lines were. It was open and inviting. Very welcoming. Then as I stood there for a moment looking around, my eyes landed on the open kitchen. Beautifully presented. Chefs facing the guest. This was a great start, until I noticed that not one of them was smiling. We were then greeted by an uninterested host as he mumbled something incoherent and led us to our table. We were seated in the center of the dining room before requesting we be seated by the window. The menu seemed like just another version of Southern that’s been done to death and by far better. It lacked inspiration and delivered even less. The food was average. Obviously great care was gone into the preparation of the ingredients. It lacked excitement. It lacked soul. It lacked love and therefore became just another forgettable dish. The service was average. The server indicated they had tasted everything in their pre shift meeting. This could have led to a great story if carried out with any flair. The experience was average. Forgettable. Uninspiring. We can’t afford to be uninspiring in this town. No room for do-overs. It will eat you up and spit you out. I’ll pass next time someone suggests Kitchen Notes.