Sept 21

I live by a code. A belief if you will. Be better. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes I really fall short. But for me it becomes a benchmark for the current situation. Most of the time I kick myself pretty hard as a dad. I don’t do enough. See enough. Love enough. And there are certainly other times that I know I’ve done a really great job. Be better helps me to balance these times. If not, I’d drive myself crazy. When I fall short, and I do, I just ask myself to be better. And when faced with something that I am wholly unsure of, I just ask myself to be better. When I do super-dad things, be better. It allows me to celebrate the moment for what it is. Good and bad. Easy or tough. And it allows me to fail with grace. To try something 121 times before I quit. Each time, be better. And success, be better.

To persevere, I think, is important for everybody. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. There’s always an answer for everything.
— Louis Zamperini