Sept 24th

I had dream once, when I was thirteen. It was to someday be a chef. That wasn’t the whole dream though. It was to someday travel the world and see all it had to offer. To learn about all of it. All the people. All the places. All the food. I talked it about it a lot. This grand dream. So far off. So impossible to imagine. Except it wasn’t.

The only thing that limited this dream was me. And it never did. I achieved every bit of those dreams. Every. Bit. Yet, I didn’t feel successful. That didn’t seem authentic to me. It wasn’t genuine. I don’t know. Impossible standards I suppose.

Then I thought, dream bigger. And I did. And those became a reality as well. And on and on. Until I realized, I was interpreting the dream all wrong. It wasn’t a destination. The dream was the journey. A beautiful journey to be celebrated.

Several months ago I went to my family and friends and asked them to support a vision. A dream big enough for all of us. A dream inspired by all of us. And then. One by one. They all said yes, without hesitation. I asked for their trust in this part of the journey. And they all said yes. I went to friends for inspiration and support and received in multitudes. I asked my boys to be a part of this vision too. And they are. Beyond my imagination.

We started telling this story months ago on social media. The inspiration. The clients. The path of dreams becoming a reality.

Stay tuned.