Sept 4

Moments. Memories. Authenticity. I don't know at times how to reconcile this with the rest of life. I try to live in the moment. Try. Fail. Try. Fail. Time moves so quickly. I can't keep up. And yet, this is how we mark our milestones. But. That's not true either. It's something that we invented. It doesn't exist outside of our smartphones and tablets and computers. Just yesterday one of my boys was four. Today, same kid is ten. Truly baffling. Where did it go? I know I was there for it. But where did it go? I don't want to miss this time. I don't want to look back and realize there could have been more. I am grateful I don't have to live like that. No ragrats. Scottie P. I know that if I create moments with my family. If I create memories. It slows down time to something I can at least comprehend. Then the memories mark the milestones. And not the other way around. Hospitality is the same thing. We spend so much time focused on things that just don't matter. That aren't real or genuine. That we miss the moments and memories that are.  aj